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Liaoning Hongjing Group and provincial key cooperative units have established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Liaoning Radio and TV Station

On June 9, 2022, Liaoning Hongjing Group received two plaques from Liaoning Radio and TV Station, "Special Guest Units, Long term Strategic Partners" and "Key Cooperative Units of Liaoning Provincial Government", which symbolized the establishment of a long-term strategic cooperation relationship between Liaoning Hongjing Group and key cooperative units of Liaoning Province and Liaoning Radio and TV Station.

Liaoning Hongjing Group continues to support poor students to complete their dream of university

This year, Liaoning Hongjing Group has funded another 45000 yuan to support 9 undergraduate students. So far, it has funded 75 college students, 43 of whom have successfully graduated from college. Liaoning Hongjing Group has been supporting poor students for ten years without seeking reward or gratitude. It only hopes that these students can successfully complete their studies and make progress in their own future life.

Liaoning Hongjing Group is taking action to "work together to fight the epidemic"

The Spring Festival of 2022 has just ended, and people are still immersed in the joy of family reunion. The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has broken this peace and comfort. The whole city was in crisis. When the COVID-19 epidemic swept through Huludao, this battle began in the whole city, and it affected the hearts of all the people. Countless medical staff, community workers and volunteers have been at the forefront of the fight

The Signing Ceremony of Huludao Hongjing Commercial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aihai Commercial Group Co., Ltd.

On May 27, Huludao Hongjing Commerce Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Aihai Commerce Group Co., Ltd. held a grand signing ceremony. As a witness, Liu Yongxi, Secretary of the District Committee, attended the signing ceremony.
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