Chemical Metallurgy

Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large private joint venture with Taiwanese businessmen. The company is located in Huludao City, a Western Liaoning city with convenient transportation, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production and management. "Innovation of science and technology and quality" is a major theme of enterprise development. The company has a strong R&D force, forming a multi-level open technology development, scientific research and production chain with R&D center as the main body. Jointly with the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we will make full use of domestic and foreign waste residue resources, continuously develop new technologies and output results in the field of resources and environmental technology, and industrialize the technology.


The company has perfect design, development, testing and production capacity, and has taken the lead in passing ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T 2800 1-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. The products are mainly sold at home, and have friendly and close cooperation with large domestic iron and steel companies in Shanghai, Jiangxi, Henan and Jiangsu. High-quality products and excellent services have been highly appraised and recognized by the same industry and customers. The company has been appraised as AAA enterprise with credit registration by the banking system, as excellent foreign-funded enterprise by the municipal government, and as star enterprise by the district government.


Chemical Metallurgy


Our company is not only new in technology and variety, but also new in concept and culture. The company actively advocates and fully advocates the concept of modern enterprise management, people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, to create a modern comprehensive enterprise with energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced technology, scientific management and innovation.


Relying on the project of "Key Technologies for Recovery of Vanadium and Chromium Industrial Waste Slag and 10,000-ton Demonstration Project" independently developed by the company, the first Vanadium and Chromium Extraction and Separation Production Line in the world has been built. The recovery treatment of Vanadium and Chromium Waste Slag is 15,000 t/year. There is no solid waste in the whole production process, and the production wastewater is recycled, which is the first Secondly, zero emission will be achieved. The products of phosphate products such as V2O5 (> 98%) V_2O_5 5000t/a, FeV-Fe 2000t/a, industrial trisodium phosphate of first-class products such as national standard 40000t/a, industrial anhydrous sodium sulfate of first-class products of national standard II, industrial chromium trioxide of second-class abrasives 1000t/a, chemical pure ammonia water of national standard 4000t/a, and oxygen of national standard II will be produced. Ferric powder 12000 t/a, Class II calcium phosphate powder 4158 t/a, of which vanadium pentoxide, industrial trisodium phosphate, anhydrous sodium sulfate and 80 ferrovanadium are our main products. The products occupy a high market share in the domestic market, among which vanadium pentoxide occupies 6%, industrial trisodium phosphate occupies 70%, anhydrous sulfur occupies 70%. Sodium salt occupied 30%. The product quality has been well received by customers, and the customer satisfaction rate is over 99%.


Liaoning Hongjing Group obtained the import license of catalyst in May 2003, and established the first domestic production line of vanadium pentoxide and molybdenum oxide using catalyst as raw material, and became the first domestic waste catalyst disposal enterprise containing vanadium and molybdenum. After years of research and development and optimization, the production process of waste catalyst containing vanadium and molybdenum has been comprehensively upgraded and reformed. It not only realizes the resource utilization of raw materials, but also realizes zero discharge of production wastewater. The upgrading of the process not only makes full use of resources, but also truly solves the environmental pollution problem in production. At present, the upgraded production line is located in the factory area of HONGLUO XIAN Town, Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, "Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd." It has obtained the license of hazardous waste management in Liaoning Province. The capacity of hazardous waste management and treatment is as follows: 20,000 tons of vanadium waste catalyst per year, 10,000 tons of vanadium mud per year; the specific types of hazardous waste are: 251-016.- 50, 251-017-50, 251-018-50, 251-019-50, 261-173-50.


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Chemical Metallurgy