Subordinate Branch

Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in December 2004 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan and more than 700 employees. The enterprise is located in the Bianshan Industrial Park of Hongluo Lan Town, Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, and is named as a national and municipal "high-tech enterprise". Enterprises are classified as non-ferrous metals and chemical industries. Vanadium pentoxide, the leading product, was rated as a famous brand in Huludao City. More than 80% of the products were exported to more than ten countries such as the United States, Japan, Korea, India, the Netherlands and Taiwan. Vanadium pentoxide, ferrovanadium, trisodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, chromium oxide and other products all meet the national standards, enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets and occupy a considerable market share. Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained the import license of waste catalyst in May 2003, and established the first domestic production line for producing vanadium pentoxide and molybdenum oxide from waste catalyst, becoming the first domestic waste catalyst disposal enterprise containing vanadium and molybdenum. Over the years, through continuous research and development and optimization, the production process of waste catalysts containing vanadium and molybdenum has been comprehensively upgraded and reformed, which not only realizes the resource utilization of raw materials, but also realizes zero discharge of production wastewater. The upgrading of the process not only makes full use of resources, but also truly solves the environmental pollution problem in production. 。 At present, the upgraded production line is located in the factory area of Hongluo Lan Town, Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, "Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd." It has obtained the license of hazardous waste management in Liaoning Province. The capacity of hazardous waste management and treatment is as follows: 20,000 tons of vanadium waste catalyst per year, 10,000 tons of vanadium mud per year; the specific types of hazardous waste are: 251-016.- 50, 251-017-50, 251-018-50, 251-019-50, 261-173-50.

Since 2006, the Phosphorus and Iron Treatment Project has been developed in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and finally achieved zero emission. In October of the same year, the project was included in the national "863" plan and in 2008 in the "Torch Plan" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State. The patent for the invention was identified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department in April 2010. The results are as follows: "Through literature search, the technology of this project has not been reported in domestic and foreign literature, and it is the first project in China. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level, among which the separation and extraction technology of vanadium and chromium has reached the international leading level." Therefore, Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Company has realized the industrialization of vanadium and chromium separation for the first time in the world, and passed the ISO9000 management system certification in 2009. At the same time, it has obtained nine patents from other countries and ranked eleventh in the scale of private enterprises in Liaoning Province. In 2018, sales revenue exceeded 1 billion yuan and profit was 400 million yuan.


Huludao Hongjing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Huludao Hongjing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has achieved self-management and benign development after more than ten years of exploration. The development scope covers three hot spots: Huludao Dongcheng District, Dayushan Industrial Park and Xingcheng CBD Park. The total planned development area is more than 2 million square meters. Close to Huludao Longhuitou Scenic Area, "Jiashan Villa" high-grade residential area, completed in 2014, with a total construction area of 300,000 square meters. The Hongjing International Living Area, the first one-stop urban complex project in Huludao, located in the center of Dongcheng District, has a total development area of 500,000 square meters. The first and second phases of 200,000 square meters have been completed in 2015, and three phases of residential and commercial real estate development are currently under way.


Huludao Hongjing Technology Co., Ltd.
Huludao Hongjing Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongjing Group. It belongs to a new energy project. The factory is located in the Dayushan Industrial Park in Lianshan District of Huludao, covering 120 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. Its building area is 45 mu, and the annual output of battery grade lithium carbonate is 20,000 tons. It is the positive and negative materials of lithium ion batteries. With lithium titanate, lithium carbonate is also used. At present, the production of lithium hydroxide is also actively developed. Lithium hydroxide is mainly used to produce lithium salts and lithium-based grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, absorption liquid of lithium bromide refrigerator and so on. Enterprises employ about 500 people. Trial production began in October 2018.


Liaoning Hongjing Trading Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Hongjing Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Hongjing Group. It separates spodumene concentrate. The production plant is located in Gangtun Town, Lianshan District, Huludao City, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan, covering an area of 12,500 square meters and a total construction area of 10,000 square meters. The capacity of treating spodumene ore is 3000t/d (about 10000t/a) and 200000t/a lithium concentrate. Lithium concentrate is the main material for the production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. There are about 120 employees in the enterprise. Trial production began in August 2018.


Heilongjiang Hongjing Mining Co., Ltd.
Heilongjiang Hongjing Mining Co., Ltd. belongs to the subsidiary company of Liaoning Hongjing Group. It is a key investment attraction enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. Founded on April 4, 2008, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the company is a mining development company integrated with mining and selection.

The mining scale of the designed mine is 1.1 million t/a, and the mining mode is open-pit mining. There are three new mining areas: Beixili Iron Mine, Xinglonggou Iron Mine and Yuetieshan Iron Mine.

The mining area is located in the Xinglonggou-Beixili area of Xinglong Township, Huma County, Heilongjiang Province. The three deposits of Beixili, Yuetieshan and Xinglonggou in the mining area are located near the residential areas of Beixili and Xinglonggou. In the western part of the mining area, there are roads to Tongxinglong Town, sandstone roads to Xinlin Town westward, to Huma County Town eastward, to Hanjiayuan Town northward, and railways to all parts of the country with relatively good traffic. Convenient.

A concentrator has been built with a daily processing scale of 5000t, a total investment of 83.3 million yuan, an area of 40,000_and a building area of 9278_.


Beijing Hongjing Oriental Investment Co., Ltd.
Beijing Hongjing Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. is located in Kuntai Building, Yabao Road, Second Ring Road, Beijing. It owns the property right of 2200 square meters of the office building. Its main business is group company's overseas investment, procurement, business negotiation and financial management.