Use of personnel

recuitmentHumanistic management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises! 

Since its establishment, Liaoning Hongjing Group has always adhered to the "people-oriented" management concept and made it the key to enhance the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises.


Widely open channels to attract talents, invite the four talents to join. 

Liaoning Hongjing Group has actively broadened the channels of talent introduction and adopted the all-round way of "two-in, multi-channel" talent introduction. One is to enter all kinds of senior talent markets and attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The second is to enter higher education institutions and participate in the talent dialogue activities of universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, to negotiate and communicate with the talents of higher education institutions, and to make two-way choices; and to set up scholarships to help the needy in universities and other universities, and to sign agreements on talent cultivation and talent introduction, thus resolving the problem of talent resources for the development of the cause of Liaoning Hongjing Group. In addition, it also recruits talents through international cooperation, headhunting companies and the establishment of talent websites.


Let go of the use of talent, to achieve the rational allocation of personnel and posts.

Liaoning Hongjing Group adheres to the principle of "the sage is in the first place, the wise is in the side, the competent is in the middle, the meritorious is in the front" and establishes a "four-ability" employment mechanism of "cadres can go up and down, personnel can go in and out, institutions can set up and withdraw, and income can be high and low". Through the design of career development plan for employees, combined with the implementation of performance evaluation, education and training, job rotation exercise and other systems, a good talent environment and a benign competitive incentive mechanism are created.


We will vigorously cultivate talents and implement a common growth plan.

Liaoning Hongjing Group has formed a perfect three-level training management system; established a comprehensive and multi-level training and development system integrating pre-job training, on-the-job training, off-production training and self-development; adopted the talent development mode combining domestic and international training and learning; and set up the internal training of Liaoning Hongjing Group. Lecturer group, make full use of internal resources, tap talent potential; set up Liaoning Hongjing Group electrical vocational skills training school, to provide comprehensive services for the growth, success and success of skilled personnel.


Create a talent retention environment to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Liaoning Hongjing Group carries out the strategy of "retaining talents with emotion, career, treatment and culture". Such as Leaders'regular condolences, building staff homes, building expert buildings, running staff canteens, organizing weekend cinemas, calligraphy photography and sports competitions, etc., to enhance employees' recognition of the enterprise, so as to retain people with emotion; helping employees design career development plans and put them into practice, so that they can have a sense of career success and success. The sense of pride leads to a sense of responsibility and belonging of "rejuvenating and honoring the enterprise, weakening and shaming the enterprise", so as to retain the people by the cause; constantly reform the salary system, implement paid vacation, promote full participation in insurance, relieve the "worries about the back" of the talents, so as to retain the people by the treatment; constantly strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and adhere to "people". Based on the management concept, we should retain people with culture.


Strengthen the system innovation, regard the system innovation as the guarantee of attracting, using, educating and retaining talents.

Liaoning Hongjing Group has formulated more than 20 systems, such as "Human Resources Recruitment Management Measures", "Staff Promotion Implementation Rules", "On-the-job Staff Education and Training Management Measures", "Staff Performance Assessment Management Measures", and so on. It also regularly improves and innovates the system in the light of enterprise development, taking the system as a guide, use and use of talents. Guarantee of educating and retaining talents.


"Hainabaichuan, let Jiaolong take off; 1000 boats race, let Qunying compete first."

This talent concept of Liaoning Hongjing Group is and will continue to promote the healthy and high-speed development of enterprises.