Recruitment of Chemical, Equipment and Electrical Automation Talents

The recruiter is to recruit reserve talents for Hongjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. under the group company's flag. The company invested 200 million yuan to build a new lithium carbonate project with an annual output of 20,000 tons. A batch of chemical, equipment and electrical automation talents are urgently needed. The salaries of the recruited employees are good and the promotion space is large.


In accordance with the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and recycling, the company is constantly improving its R&D, production and operation. At present, the company's production conditions are clean, environmental protection, mature and stable production technology, and its R&D work is active and efficient.


II. Recruitment Plan

Chemical related

Mechanical correlation

Requirements: Gender: Male

Address: Chaoyang Jinzhou, Huludao   Be able to adapt to front-line shift work


III、Fringe benefits

(1)Basic salary bonus and insurance

a.Senior high school, secondary school or higher education, internship period of 2700 yuan, more than 3700;

b.Work-age wages and full-time awards: the implementation of the current system;

c.Five insurance and one pension: old-age insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, housing accumulation fund.

(2)Purchase of self-built commercial housing by group companies

a.Advance down payment is not more than 100,000 yuan per person. Within 10 years, it will be paid off without interest. The monthly repayment will be deducted from my salary. Both parties sign a loan contract.

b.Enjoy other preferential policies for purchasing and selling houses in the group company;

c.If the preferential policies related to the termination of the labor contract are cancelled, the arrears will be paid off in one lump sum.

(3)Get accommodation

Group headquarters staff dormitory, each room up to three people, complete supporting, network closed-circuit television and other expenses company bear, provide three meals, in the company with commuter buses (day shift).


a.Sign a formal labor contract for three years with a probation period of three months.

b.A year's internship for freshmen in factories and shifts

(5)Time Table

a.During the internship period, the work and rest time of the production posts in the front line shall be executed.

b.After the expiration of the internship period, the work and rest time of the assigned posts shall be executed.


a.The group company regularly organizes friendship activities such as tourism every year.

b.Special circumstances shall be agreed upon separately.


IV、Recruitment process

Campus propaganda→Sending resume(Be sure to attach copies of transcripts and other certificates.)→Screening resume→Interview→Sign employment agreements.

V、Training and Assessment


Training project

Training time

Training mode

Enterprise Profile Rules and Regulations

1 days

Internal training

safety education

7 days

Internal training

On-the-job technical training

15 days

Internal Training and Practice


VI、Business Address and Contact Form

address:145 Lianshan Street, Lianshan District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province


Company website:http://www.lnhjjt.com.cn