Leader`s Speech

Dear friends;

Welcome to log on the website of Liaoning Hongjing Group!


Hongjing GroupFirstly, I’d like to thank for the supports and love of our company from all circles of society and our new and old clients! Based on the philosophy of "Handling well the enterprise, benefiting the employees and society”, our group has been working so hard to gradually deepen reform, accelerate adjustment, strengthen management and make aggressive innovation, by which the operation and organization structure of the company have been largely optimized and improved. Besides, our economic scale & force, products’ manufacturing capability, market competing capability and sustainable development capability have been remarkably promoted. Our group has been giving great importance enterprise management and product quality management and the enterprise also passed ISO9001:2000 certificate of the system of quality management, ISO14001:1996 certificate of the system of environment management and GB/T28001-2001 certificate of the system of occupational health and safety. Besides, the Group has been receiving the honorary titles such as Liaoning Renowned Enterprise, Top 100 Competitive Enterprises in Liaoning Province and Best Enterprise of Good Faith, etc.


"Abide by the rules, respect humans, combine rules and humans together”. Located in the national economic technical development area and world advanced equipment manufacturing base, bearing the task of revitalizing the old industrial base of NE China that enjoyed the name of Oriental Ruhr, as the leading enterprise in chemical engineering industry, Liaoning Hongjing Group will keep abiding by the request for the establishment of modern enterprise system, gradually perfect company’s organization structure, keep making progress and aggressive innovation, attract talents from all places of China, draw a huge blueprint for future, build into an international enterprise and set a 100-year brand! We intend to provide wider development platform for our employees and provide better products and services for our clients.


"It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”. Love by friends is the power and spring for our growth and progress. We sincerely welcome friends from all circles of society to visit, instruct, visit and be a guest to our group and I congratulate beforehand on our pleasant cooperation!