The Signing Ceremony of Huludao Hongjing Commercial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aihai Commercial Group Co., Ltd.

Huludao Hongjing Commercial Co., Ltd.

Signing Ceremony of Shanghai Aihai Commercial Group Co., Ltd.

  On May 27, Huludao Hongjing Commerce Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Aihai Commerce Group Co., Ltd. held a grand signing ceremony. As a witness, Liu Yongxi, Secretary of the District Committee, attended the signing ceremony. Yang Qingming, chairman of Hongjing Group, attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Liang Zhongming, deputy governor of Lianshan District. Li Feng, deputy governor of Lianshan District, said in his speech that Lianshan is the main city and mother city of Huludao City, covering an area of 1173 square kilometers, with a total population of 430,000. It has nine townships and nine sub-district offices under its jurisdiction. Lianshan District has always attached great importance to the development of modern service industry and strived to make service industry a support of Lianshan. Pillar industries, upgrading the service industry in the old urban areas, and developing and constructing the Dongcheng Business and Trade Economic Zone, especially the Dongcheng Business and Trade Economic Zone, are the landmark projects of the eastern expansion of the upgrading industrial areas in the economic transformation of our region. The Hongjing and Hongxing Meikailong Business Complex project is located in the old urban areas connected with the Dongcheng District. Golden area, after the completion of the project, will certainly promote the development of service industry in the old urban area and business and Trade Economic Zone in Dongcheng. It is believed that the golden sign of Red Star Meikailong can greatly improve the city's appearance, improve the city's taste, stimulate the development level of service industry in this area, and let the people share the great achievements of cooperative development.

  Chen Xuemei, Vice President of Hongxing Meikailong Home Group Co., Ltd. and Cui Xiaoxun, Assistant Chairman of Huludao Hongjing Commercial Co., Ltd. delivered speeches at the ceremony respectively. Red Star Meikailong led Chinese home for 33 years with the model of global home brand, becoming the first brand in China's home circulation industry. For 33 years, Red Star Meikailong has been in 210 places in the country. Urban operation and management of 351 shopping malls, with an area of nearly 20 million square meters, will create a unique urban commercial complex for Huludao. The total construction area of Huludao project in the Aegean Sea Shopping Park is 72,000 square meters, and the total investment of the project is about 800 million yuan. After the project is officially started, the Red Star Mei Kailong Group will concentrate its efforts on introducing the project. The best construction team, constantly speeding up the project process, strives to basically complete in 2020, and officially opened in October 2021.

  Subsequently, the leaders of the two companies signed the contract, and the leaders assisted in signing the contract on the spot. Liu Yongxi, the Secretary of the District Committee, expressed heartfelt congratulations on the successful signing of the two contracts. Liu Yongxi said that the Lianshan District Government attached great importance to the construction of Hongjing and the Red Star Meikailong Commercial Complex. The construction period of the project was tight and the tasks were related. Departments should proceed from the overall situation, coordinate, cooperate, support and help more, establish a project stewardship system, provide nanny services for enterprises, provide efficient and convenient service environment for enterprise construction, and make every effort to support project construction, so that the project can be completed as soon as possible, and present a gift for the 30th anniversary of the district's construction.

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