Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully completed emergency drill for hazardous waste leakage

Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully completed hazardous waste on the morning of August 31, 2016, in order to enhance the emergency safety awareness of employees, enhance the concept of safety and environmental protection, embody the policy of "safety first, prevention first", and improve the ability of employees to deal with emergencies. Leak emergency drill.

Emergency drills for hazardous waste leaks are the highlight of many activities in the Safety Month. Since 2009, Hongjing Industrial Company has conducted emergency drills for hazardous waste leakage for seven consecutive years, which have realistic effect and significant impact.

The comprehensive exercise officially began at 10:00 a.m. on August 31, accompanied by Yang Qinghe, general manager of Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. and Li Shuai, Minister of Production Security of Liu Jiuchuan, Minister of Integrated Management of Liaoning Hongjing Industrial Co., Ltd., participated in the exercise.

The drill officially began at 10:20 a.m. In the process of transporting hazardous wastes, due to improper operation of workers, they sprinkle hazardous wastes on the ground and immediately start the company's emergency response plan according to the situation on the spot. Then the workers report to Li Shuai, Minister of Production and Security. Li Shuai immediately leads people to isolate the dangerous areas. Director Cui Wanbo leads the workers to dispose of the hazardous wastes well. Clean up the site with lime powder. This process lasts for 20 minutes and effectively prevents the further spread of hazardous wastes. Under the strong organization and the assistance of various departments, the workers coordinated in an orderly manner and successfully completed the emergency drill project.

The comprehensive drill of the accident emergency plan achieves the expected effect, and achieves effective organization, smooth information, rapid response and efficient operation. The participants are calm, quick response, appropriate measures and obey the command. The whole process can be carried out in an efficient and orderly manner according to the emergency plan. Through this drill, the emergency plan has been further improved, the workers'emergency response ability and skills have been improved, the rescue experience of hazardous waste leakage accidents has been accumulated, and the collaboration among emergency response units has been strengthened, which has laid a solid foundation for the rapid, efficient and orderly disposal of hazardous waste leakage accidents in our company in the future. Basics.

(Industrial Company Lin Huanhuan reports)

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