No. CAS 554-13-2 

Formula Li2CO3 

Molecular weight 73.89 

Structural formula   

Physicochemical properties

density 2.11 

melting point 720℃ 

boiling point 1342 ℃(lit.) 

flash point 1310℃ 

Colorless monoclinic crystal or white powder 

Solubility 13 g/L (20℃) 

Chemical property 1. insoluble in alcohol and acid. It is heat stable below 600 C, and partially decomposes into lithium oxide and carbon dioxide at 618 C.

Product use

Uses 1. For the treatment of manic psychosis, production of sedatives, etc. It is the raw material for the preparation of lithium compounds and metal lithium. It can be used as bath additive in aluminium smelting. It is widely used in glass, ceramics, medicine and food industries. It can also be used in rubber, dyes, semiconductors and military and national defense industries.

2. Used as an anti-manic drug. As an additive of enamel glass, it can increase the smoothness of enamel, reduce the melting point, and enhance the acid resistance, cold shock resistance and heat shock resistance of enamel. In the manufacture of picture tube, it can improve the stability of picture tube, increase the intensity and clarity, and reduce the surface roughness. It is also used in the manufacture of other lithium compounds, phosphors and electrolytic aluminium industry.

3. Used as spectroscopic reagent and catalyst. It is used in the preparation of lithium salts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and glass industry.

4. Used as an electrolytic additive in aluminium smelting and in electroplating treatment.

Product Quality Standard

Content index of chemical constituents

The main content of Li2CO3 is not less than (%) 99.0

Impurity content is not more than (%) Na2O 0.20

CaO 0.05

Cl- 0.02

SO42- 0.35

Fe2O3 0.005

H2O 0.5

Hydrochloric acid insoluble 0.005

Paper-plastic composite bags are lined with 2-layer PE bags, 25kg/bag or as required by customers.

Transport products are not classified as hazardous chemicals and are suitable for sea, rail, air and road transport. Attention should be paid to moistureproof and acid proof during transportation.

Notes: Powder should avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes; keep away from strong acids and oxidizing substances, ventilated, dry and sealed.

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