Yang Shicheng, Director of Liaoning Hongjing Group and Chairman of Hongjing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., has done good deeds to help poor students fulfill their university dream.

  In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of China and advocate the idea of contributing to society and doing good for enterprises, Yang Shicheng, director of Hongjing Group and chairman of Hongjing Real Estate Development Company of Liaoning Province, today sponsored eight college undergraduates who are about to enter the group on behalf of the group company, and promised to support their tuition fees until graduation smoothly. According to statistics, in recent years, similar activities aimed at contributing to society have contributed more than 5 million yuan to Liaoning Hongjing Group.

  Love is born, it flows in the blood and crystallizes in the bone. Liaoning Hongjing Group did this feat without seeking reward and gratitude, but completely out of the love of society and deep understanding of painful education, out of attaching importance to the cultivation of College students, understanding the importance of knowledge and culture, deep understanding of the truth that knowledge changes destiny, and understanding those who want to go to school but do not want to go to school. The contradiction of College students, Liaoning Hongjing Group, the heart of society, the heart of the people, the accumulation of virtue and good deeds, full of positive energy throughout the Liaoning Hongjing Group, we believe that with this force, Liaoning Hongjing Group will also flourish, arrogant group heroes.

  The following picture shows the donation site of "Love surges, love is human".








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