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  Heilongjiang Hongjing Mining Co., Ltd. belongs to the subsidiary company of Liaoning Hongjing Group. It is a key investment attraction enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. Founded on April 4, 2008, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the company is a mining development company integrated with mining and selection.

  The mining scale of the designed mine is 1.1 million t/a, and the mining mode is open-pit mining. There are three new mining areas: Beixili Iron Mine, Xinglonggou Iron Mine and Yuetieshan Iron Mine.

  The mining area is located in the Xinglonggou-Beixili area of Xinglong Township, Huma County, Heilongjiang Province. The three deposits of Beixili, Yuetieshan and Xinglonggou in the mining area are located near the residential areas of Beixili and Xinglonggou. In the western part of the mining area, there are roads to Tongxinglong Town, sandstone roads to Xinlin Town westward, to Huma County Town eastward, to Hanjiayuan Town northward, and railways to all parts of the country with relatively good traffic. Convenient.

  A concentrator has been built with a daily processing scale of 5000t, a total investment of 83.3 million yuan, an area of 40,000_and a building area of 9278_.


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