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  Hongjing International is developed by Huludao Hongjing Real Estate Development Company. The project is located at the intersection of 102 National Road and Beihe Road in Dongcheng District. It covers common residential buildings, commercial plazas, hotels, apartments and other forms of business, and will become the first self-prosperous landmark building in Huludao Dongcheng District after completion. Huludao's first one-stop urban complex project, Hongjing International Living Area, has a total development area of 500,000 square meters. It has been on sale since July 18, 2015.

  The total planned area of Hongjing International is 266 mu, with a total building area of about 500,000 square meters. The project is divided into two phases, the first and second phases are linked by the landscape belt at the entrance of the project and the commercial street. The residential area is 72 square meters to 124 square meters, with 11 floors and 18 floors as the main floors. The volume ratio of the project is 2.6, and the overall green area is 35%.

  The overall architectural design is "neoclassical" style, which simplifies the complex classical sculptures and combines them with modern residential aesthetics to present a classical and concise new style and reflect the individualized cultural taste in a pluralistic way of thinking. The aim is to build an international platform community of "health and humanities".

  The overall layout of the community is enclosed, separating the community from the outside world, giving people a sense of security and belonging. The neat layout of the building and the 40-meter super-building spacing between the buildings ensure a wide view. The apartment type is designed in different styles of two-bedroom and three-bedroom. The plan not only satisfies the good view, but also ensures the ventilation and lighting.

  The parking spaces of the project are all parked on the ground. The parking spaces are well planned. Without affecting the feeling of greening, they can also embody the noble quality of Hongjing International. There are 4163 parking spaces. There is an elevator to go directly to the underground parking space, which is convenient for you to travel.

  Hongjing International's pursuit of high quality runs through every detail. Five-star entry lobby, the world's second Swiss Schindler elevator, the domestic first-line letter entry door, steel hollow windows, domestic first-line brand firm hardware, every detail guarantees the quality of life of the high-ranking.

  Landscape design takes "one ring, two axes and many gardens" as the landscape layout. Through the division of different landscape spaces, open space, public communication space, leisure activity space and so on, the landscape continuity of group gardens among different buildings is ensured.

  Hongjing International "Rongzhu Dongcheng District, the first 500,000 Ping healthy and humane international community", strives to create a healthy, humane, high-end international habitat for Huludao people.



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